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NMN Human Trial Paper
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NMN Human Trial Paper

“A natural compound previously demonstrated to counteract aspects of aging and improve metabolic health has clinically relevant effects in people, according to new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

A small clinical trial of postmenopausal women with prediabetes shows that the compound NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) improved the ability of insulin to increase glucose uptake in skeletal muscle, which often is abnormal in people with obesity, prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes. NMN also improved expression of genes that are involved in muscle structure and remodeling. However, the treatment did not lower blood glucose or blood pressure, improve blood lipid profile, increase insulin sensitivity in the liver, reduce fat in the liver or decrease circulating markers of inflammation.

The study, published online April 22 in the journal Science, is the first randomized clinical trial to look at the metabolic effects of NMN administration in people.

“Although our study shows a beneficial effect of NMN in skeletal muscle, it is premature to make any clinical recommendations based on the results from our study,” said senior investigator Samuel Klein, MD, the William H. Danforth Professor of Medicine and Nutritional Science and director of the Center for Human Nutrition. “Normally, when a treatment improves insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle, as is observed with weight loss or some diabetes medications, there also are related improvements in other markers of metabolic health, which we did not detect in our study participants.”

The researchers studied 25 postmenopausal women who had prediabetes, meaning they had higher than normal blood sugar levels, but the levels were not high enough to be diagnosed as having diabetes. Women were enrolled in this trial because studies showed NMN had the greatest effects.

NMN is involved in producing an important compound in all cells, called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). NAD plays a vital role in keeping animals healthy. Levels of NAD decline with age in a broad range of animals, including humans, and the compound has been shown to contribute to a variety of aging-associated problems, including insulin resistance in studies conducted. Supplementing animals with NMN slows and ameliorates age-related decline in the function of many tissues in the body.

Insulin enhances glucose uptake and storage in muscle, so people who are resistant to insulin are at increased risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. But the researchers caution that more studies are needed to determine whether NMN has beneficial effects in the prevention or management of prediabetes or diabetes in people. Klein and Imai are continuing to evaluate NMN in another trial involving men as well as women.”

NMN Research & News

What is NMN?

NMN is the exciting new Anti-Aging supplement used by Harvard Scientists to reverse aspects of aging in old mice. It acts as a NAD+ booster and will change the way the world sees the aging process!

NMN Promotes Healthy function of our Longevity-genes called SIRTUINS and stimulates the repair of broken DNA strands that supports  Healthy Aging!

NMN is an All-Natural Vitamin B3 metabolite, naturally produced in our bodies and is also found in tiny amounts in some fruits and vegetables. NMN is the Direct precursor to the NAD+ molecule that declines with age. NMN is the most efficient and effective way to boost NAD+ levels!

NMN Promotes Healthy Metabolism for more ENERGY, Stamina & Endurance!

Studies in mice suggest NMN may promote Healthy HeartEyeBrainBone, Immune-function, blood flow and Muscle Performance!

Old mice treated with NMN for only 10 days demonstrated a dramatic reversal in some biometric markers used to estimate biological age.  “In human years, this would be like a 60-year-old converting to a 20-year-old in these specific areas.”See the article – “A new and reversible cause of aging”.

NMN is a naturally occurring element sourced from plants. It is also the most powerful and direct NAD+ Precursor supplement. NAD+ fuels energy production in the mitochondria. In this way it is vital for every process in the human body including immune system function.  NMN is the actual compound used by Harvard scientists to reverse aspects of aging in old mice that ignited excitement in NAD+ Anti-Aging research.

NMN is the most effective way to boost NAD+ levels. It is now proven that NAD+ declines with aging and that supporting and replenishing the NAD pool is critical in promoting good health, wellness and a healthy immune system. In 2013, Harvard scientists used NMN to show that some aspects of the aging process could be reversed.


To put it simply, research has proven the clear link between falling NAD levels and aging. The rate of decline accelerates when we reach our mid 30s and continues to fall beyond the body’s natural ability to replenish NAD and maintain an adequate supply. NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is a direct NAD+ precursor that helps to replenish the NAD+ supply. This principal has been established by treating old mice with NMN and has shown that the aging process in the mice can be reversed.


NAD is essential for the functions that enable the body to sustain life. Without NAD we cannot survive. There are three fundamental functions that require NAD+ which are critical for the normal operation of all living cells. First, NAD+ is responsible for the production of ATP, the chemical energy necessary to sustain life. For example, turning food into energy requires NAD+. Secondly, SIRTUINS, the so-called “longevity-genes” do not work without NAD+. Thirdly, NAD+ is used for the repair of broken DNA strands. This maintains the integrity of the genetic code by protecting against various mutations of which cancerous growth is just one.


NAD levels decline over time because NAD+ is used and CONSUMED as a substrate by SIRTUINSDNA-Repair enzymes and aggressively by another enzyme called CD38 for calcium balancing and immune function response. Inflammatory cytokines released by the immune system causes the production of CD38. The problem is further exacerbated, at least in theory by senescent cells, cells that can no longer divide but increasingly causes the release of even more inflammatory cytokines and more CD38 expression. Eventually, more NAD gets consumed than the ability to replenish the supply, leading to the over-all decline that is experienced with aging.

It is now evident that supporting the NAD pool is vital for promoting good health & wellness and a healthy Immune System, especially as we age. Take Action – Try NMN today!

Resveratrol Research & News


Supports Healthy Brain Function by crossing the blood-brain barrier and delivering its longevity, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Resveratrol is  a Sirtuin Activator, an AMPK activator and an NAD+ booster mimicking benefits of caloric restriction

Resveratrol has a myriad of health promoting benefits that supports healthy cell Metabolism and Mitochondrial Function.

Dr David Sinclair refers to Resveratrol as the “Accelerator Pedal” to NMN in the production of NAD!


Trans-Resveratrol represents the most highly absorbable form of Resveratrol and is the one most studied and referenced by research. If you are looking to achieve some of the benefits, you read about by using Resveratrol, then selecting Trans-Resveratrol is important because the physical shape of the molecule matters. At Extra Lifespan we selected the highest grade and most potent form of Resveratrol, 99.6% purified Trans-Resveratrol extract for superior absorption and potency.

Trans-Resveratrol is a natural plant extract, a polyphenol produced by plants to protect against injury and stress. In humans it promotes overall health and well-being by supporting healthy metabolic function, brain health and blood flow. Resveratrol needs no introduction, as it is arguably one of the most studied and widely consumed nutritional supplements in recent years. It is renowned for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties that fights free radicals, with the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver its benefits.


Resveratrol has several key benefits that promotes longevity and supports NAD+ metabolism that makes it a perfect synergistic match for NMN and other NAD boosting supplements.

*Resveratrol speeds up the biosynthesis and recycling of NAD+ in our bodies. It does this by up-regulating the NMNAT gene, which is a bottleneck-enzyme responsible for the production of NAD+.

* Resveratrol can also directly, though selectively, turn on our “longevity genes” called Sirtuins, such as SIRT1, mimicking some benefits of caloric restriction and promoting mitochondrial biogenesis.

*Resveratrol aids in the protection of NAD+ by suppressing inflammatory cytokines that cause the expression of ectoenzyme CD38. CD38 the greatest destroyer of NAD+ in our bodies.

* Resveratrol is also an AMPK activator which is a fatty acid oxidation pathway normally induced by exercise and is believed to be beneficial to longevity.

* A 2016 study showed, one way in which Resveratrol promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. Is by remodelling the gut bacteria to reduce the production of TMA and subsequent TMAO. TMAO interferes with the normal removal of cholesterol from the bloodstream by blocking its conversion to bile acids in the liver.

* A recent study show resveratrol may have the ability to rejuvenate senescent cells and elongate telomeres. ” making senescent cells not only look physically younger, but start to behave more like young cells and start dividing.”

* Resveratrol promotes general health and wellness in a multifaceted way that makes it indispensable as a nutritional supplement. “Antioxidant effect of resveratrol in the cardiovascular system”


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